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Michael de Broglio's Legal Newsletter - Personal Injury, Road Accidents

Welcome to the home page for the personal injury legal newsletter on Road Accident Fund (RAF) issues and medical negligence and other personal injury matters. The newsletter, which is largely written and edited by Michael de Broglio is available to subscribers and members and requires registration. 

This site delivers the newsletters so you can control the e-mail address at which you receive it and amend your details when need be.  The site itself is not meant to be exciting or to have any information other than that referred to in the newsletter.  Its purpose is more functional - it sends out the newsletters and allows you to manage your contact details so that a minimum of maintenance is required!  Please remember that before you call or e-mail anyone for help or queries!

Latest newsletters
 The actual problem is the RAF


I sent out a link to a letter yesterday written by a firm about the new Practice Directives.  I think it made a lot of good points, detailing, amongst other things the relationship between Judges and Counsel at the moment and the way that is sadly deteriorating.  It made many valuable points on procedures etc as well.  My publishing something doesn .......

 Submission on Directive


I do hope you have all made submissions on the new Court directives and certainly apporached your local attorneys associations and Councils to become involved in the workshops still to be held.  In the meantime the courts continue to issue new trial dates every week, despite the draft policy saying they won't be valid.  This continued uncertainty and inc .......

About Michael

Michael de Broglio is a Johannesburg attorney who runs his own practice and has sat on various boards and legal organizations, amongst which he can include being the Chairperson of both the Johannesburg Attorneys Association and the Gauteng Law Council. 


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