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Michael de Broglio's Legal Newsletter - Personal Injury, Road Accidents

Welcome to the home page for the personal injury legal newsletter on Road Accident Fund (RAF) issues and medical negligence and other personal injury matters. The newsletter, which is largely written and edited by Michael de Broglio is available to subscribers and members and requires registration. 

This site delivers the newsletters so you can control the e-mail address at which you receive it and amend your details when need be.  The site itself is not meant to be exciting or to have any information other than that referred to in the newsletter.  Its purpose is more functional - it sends out the newsletters and allows you to manage your contact details so that a minimum of maintenance is required!  Please remember that before you call or e-mail anyone for help or queries!

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 Thanks for the support

Thank you.

For those of you have written to me about the judgment, given me words of inspiration and reminded me of the Motswai judgment, or similar epxeriences you had had.  Your suppprt has meant so much to me.

25 years to build a name and all it takes is one Judge to damage it terribly.  

 Always the turn of someone

Reading with trepidation

I must say, over the years, when there have been many judgments that have been scathing of one firm of attorneys or another, one would always reads through them.  At first there is the gossip about who is in trouble next, noting that it is always somebody else’s turn and then there is the worry of whether there m .......

About Michael

Michael de Broglio is a Johannesburg attorney who runs his own practice and has sat on various boards and legal organizations, amongst which he can include being the Chairperson of both the Johannesburg Attorneys Association and the Gauteng Law Council. 


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